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“One of the major advantages of games over other forms of instruction is their motivational property. Boring problem sets and drills in conventional instruction can become addictive puzzles in the context of a game.”

                                                                                                                                                      Henry M. Halff

“Rather than thinking about existing classroom activities and figuring out how we can somehow wrap a game around it, we need to think out of the box about ways that we can create integrated learning scenarios using game structures, that then fit somewhere within the teacher’s curriculum for the day.”

                                                                                                            Howard Phillips, Microsoft


Benefits of using games:

  • Entertained students learn more

  • Fun and engaging activities are productive for student achievement

  • Teamwork and/or buddy-pairing strengthens learning

  • Teachers are able to identify student weakness


At Educational Bootcamp, we would like for our customers to be kept apprised of our newly researched-based findings as they occur in our pilot schools. This tab serves as a platform where documentation and information has been found valid, and can be shared as articles. These resources may include: strategies, instructional practices, tips, and/or collections of school data; with intent to help enhance the students’ Math and Science experience.

What Makes a Great Teacher?

Great teachers leave a legacy. They captivate student interest and make the subject material come alive. Among their exemplary skills are the way teachers plan lessons, manage the classroom, motivate/ encourage achievement, adapt, and are team players.

Teacher & Student

True Response to Intervention

Science misconceptions are often based on student preconceptions. It is therefore, important to begin each lesson by assessing prior knowledge and preconceptions. Conceptual growth can occur when the two are connected. 

Petri Dishes

Trends in Data Driven Instruction

Data driven instruction has been classified as having the ability to analyze student’s knowledge and respond accordingly. It has been popularized since 2002 with the enactment of the No Child Left Behind Act. Recent studies have shown that this instructional model helps assess student learning needs and improve instruction which helps drive school accountability

Computer Circuit Board Macro

What Makes a Great Teacher?

Response to Intervention (RTI) is an approach used to identify and support students with behavioral/learning needs through universal screening. It is marked by highquality instruction: individualized, intensive daily sessions, and progress monitoring/ evaluation.

Teacher and Young Student
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